Public Safety Training Centers

Elliott LeBoeuf & Associates (EL&A), along with our consultants and collaborators, offers complete architectural/engineering (A/E) services for planning and designing public safety training centers, including site selection, planning, concept designs, budgeting, fund raising assistance, full design services, and construction phase services. We design all items found at fire and police training centers, including:

Site, with infrastructure

Aircraft Fire Simulator

Classroom/Admin. Building Car Fire Simulator
Burn Building Rail Car Simulator
Training Tower Flashover Simulator
Drafting Pit Maze/Confined Space
High Bay Training Structure Auto Extrication
Fire Station Trench Rescue
Maintenance/Support Bldg. Police Station
HAZMAT Training Area Canine Training
Extinguisher Training Area Mock City / Survival City
Fuel Spill Simulator Driver Training Course
LP Tank Fire Simulator Shooting Range

New Fire Training Structures (Burn Buildings & Training Towers)

Burn buildings and training towers are particular specialties of ours. We can provide you with a state of the art design to help you accomplish your current and future training objectives. We emphasize safety, durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance.

Our standard designs simulate residential, commercial, apartment, and mid-rise layouts. Each design accommodates NFPA-compliant training for live fire evolutions, search and rescue, ladder drills, vertical and horizontal ventilation, rappelling, and other training. Custom-designed burn buildings and towers can enhance training further by enlarging the training spaces and simulating other occupancies.

Our burn buildings and towers require little maintenance and have a design life of 20 years or more. Our structures are suitable for Class A fuels and LP/natural gas fire training systems. We provide you with comprehensive options to include the latest technology (linings, temperature monitoring, etc.) plus proven details for doors, shutters, and other features.

Existing Fire Training Structures (Burn Buildings & Training Towers)

If you own or operate an existing fire training structure, we offer a variety of services to assist you with maintaining a safe, durable structure.

  • Structural survey and testing to meet the NFPA 1403 requirements for annual structural inspections ("Level I Survey")
  • Expanded, "Level II Survey" to evaluate nonuctural systems and to provide master plan and life cycle costing for maintaining/improving/expanding burn building / tower
  • Design of repairs and renovations for existing burn buildings and towers.


We want to provide you with specialized expertise and outstanding customer service. Feel free to call with any questions about your training center.