Elliott LeBoeuf & Associates is a member of The Engineering Alliance, a collaboration of five engineering firms offering Structural Engineering services and other complementary design and construction services. The Alliance members have nine office locations throughout the United States:

Buehler & Buehler

Sacramento, CA

The Di Salvo Ericson Group

Ridgefield, CT

Elliott LeBoeuf & Associates

Springfield, VA

SSFM International, Inc.

Honolulu, HI

Maui, HI

Hilo, HI

Saipan, CNMI

Unified Building Sciences

& Engineering

Richardson, TX (Dallas)

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

With over 140 engineers, the Alliance provides many advantages to its clients:

  • Drawing from expertise of five outstanding firms, the Alliance has very broad and deep project experience with building structures (providing quality to Owners and helping design teams win contracts)

  • The Alliance is knowledgeable in regional code requirements and building construction practices of major U.S. cities

  • The project team can draw from the Alliance's expertise and manpower to provide quality service and expertise

  • The Alliance has many unique specialties, such as seismic design, physical security and blast design, cultural and historical buildings, and a wealth of private, commercial, government, and international experience

  • The local firm representing the Alliance can provide personal client service and support even if a unique technical expertise resides with a distant Alliance member

  • The Alliance is capable of designing and managing the most challenging projects with outstanding service and expertise.

For additional information on the Alliance members, including contact persons, addresses, and specialties, please follow the links above to their web sites.